1. Live long and prosper.



  3. Straight Outta Vulcan


  4. So tell me, Dr. Jones, why do you never leave this fjord?


  5. Know Your Pie #108: Impossible Pie


  6. Kobayashi schools Spock.


  7. Behind the scenes of Nimoy Sunset Pie: Leonard Nimoy preparing for the notorious “peach scene” from “Four And Twenty Blackbirds” (season 3, episode 5).


  8. My God, it’s full of pies!

    (submitted by Heather)


  9. Sundown on Mars


  10. Commander, if you want to sweet-talk me out of this pie, you’re going to have to do better than that.


  11. Captain, I’m detecting a dangerous increase in pion particle emissions. I recommend we retreat to a safe distance.



  13. #100: There’s something about your first pie.


  14. Captain, I believe the peanut butter pie is attempting to communicate.


  15. Earth, late 20th century, a favorite destination of time travellers